For Parents

Have questions about the Lab for Developmental Studies? Below are some FAQ’s and answers for parents:

What kind of studies do you do?

We test kids from 3 months to 12 years, and the kind of study your child would do would depend on his or her age.  Our lab explores such topics as how infants perceive partly hidden objects, how children learn words for new objects, and how infants and children understand number. We have found that babies and young children may know a lot more than people used to believe.

How do you know what kids are thinking?

For infants, we observe how your baby responds to the display, measuring how long he or she watches each event. Since babies typically look longer at things that they find new or surprising, we can make inferences about what they already know and expect from the world about them and what they don’t expect.  With toddlers and older children, the studies are set up as games. We use children’s responses or choices to understand what interests them.

What if I need to bring other children with me?

Since we have many studies going on at once, sometimes we can have each of your children participate in different studies at the same time.  If there are no studies available for siblings, we provide toys and baby-sitters.

Do I have to come in for more than one study?

Although many families choose to come in several times to participate in different studies, participation in one study requires just one visit and does not commit you to any other visits.

How long is a typical study?

Each study takes about 15 minutes, but parents should plan on a thirty-minute visit so that we have time to explain the study completely and discuss its findings with you.

What else should I know before coming?

You will not need to bring anything to participate in the studies here.  Also, as a thank you for your participation in our study we offer a gift for your child and a $5 reimbursement for your travel expenses.

Where are you located?

Please refer to our Driving Directions for more information about our location.

How do I sign up to participate?

If you are interested in participating with your child, sign up quickly online here or email us at

What are some of your recent findings?

Check out our latest newsletter to read some of our recent findings!

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